Sunday, December 25, 2005

15 Things I learned at Willow Creek December 25th, 2005

Here are 15 things I learned at Willow Creek on December 25th.

- You can get a really good parking space.

- The church campus is very quiet.

- Don’t expect a huge welcome from the greeters

- If you pull hard enough on the doors they will come open, but an alarm will sound.

- You can pick any seat you like.

- The police station is apparently less than 3 minutes away.

- Running through the parking lot like a kid playing freeze tag screaming “What did I do, what did I do.” while the police chase you is not a good idea.

- Police officers do not like to run

- In case you were wondering the new Taser X26 really does work.

- The police are very understanding when calmly given an explanation.

-It takes a couple of days for the effects of a tazor to completely wear off.

- Willow Creek did not have services on Christmas Day,

Sunday, December 25, 2005.

One thing I learned from R.C.Sproul, There are three kinds of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can't.


mjbeasley said...

Well, look at the bright side Scott; assuming that you had as much as ten minutes to read your Bible (while in prison), I can assure you that you ingested far more truth than if the "staff" and "volunteer workers" had come after all (very sorry to have to say that).

As far as the Taser gun is concerned: It's good to be a Gaussian surface.


Randy Williams said...

Awesome post! Thanks Scott.

Randy Williams said...

Curious, is that really the sign at Willow Creek?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Another thing you might have learned is that the message was the same as any Sunday. Vacant.

Scott Hill said...

No, I made that sign on photo shop. I hope you also realize I didn't really get tazered by the police. I was at church in California on Christmas Sunday morning.

John Rush said...

You didn't get tazered?



mjbeasley said...

I'm fairly sure that everyone knows that you weren't tasered by the police (if even to the great disappointment of JRush) - we're just enjoying your sense of humor with you. On a more serious note, events like these remind me of the great privilege that we have not to forsake the assembly of ourselves, but to "enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise..." (Psalm 100:4). May the Lord instill in us a greater depth of such thanksgiving and praise unto Him.

Scott - If you ever do get tasered, please let us know - and be sure to get some pictures.

LeeC said...

I know a gunshop owner who is adamat that he would try and solve just about any situation avioding deadly force, but if he sees someone coming at him with a tazer he will shoot first.

Those things are nasty.

No services on Christmas? wow.

We were thrilled with the priveledge fo being able to be together on it. How tragic.

John Rush said...


This post had me laughing.

We enjoyed having a worship service on Christmas evening, followed by communion. I was surprised at how many people showed up. Comparable to a regular Sunday morning attendance. I think people enjoy the opportunity to worship on Christmas. Not an inconvenience at all.

Does getting tazered make you slobber?

relauncher said...

Dude, that was the funniest thing I've read all week!
I quoted ya on my blog - thanks for the laugh.

Rhology said...

Oh man... my wife and I went down to a lovely Baptist church in Okinawa for Christ-mas Sunday. First time to go to church in 4 months! First time to celebrate the Eucharist in 4 months! Thanks much to the brethren in Okinawa.

Tony Myles said...

As a former local, the police station *is* about 3 minutes away.

centuri0n said...

Scott: you really get taser'd? For the bog?

Dude: that's commitment. Did you get a wooden nickel this year? I'll bookmark this one for the 2006 awards.

Tim Wirth said...

Willow Creek being closed for a day.

Somehow thats gotta be a good thing.
Be great if they decided to take the next year off.
Tim Wirth